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CrossOver 12 Supports Guild Wars 2 on Linux

By December 18, 2012

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CodeWeavers has released version 12 CrossOver, an open source project for running native Windows applications on Linux. Highlights of this release include support for World of Tanks, Guild Wars 2, and Quicken 2013. It is based on Wine version 1.5.15.

The CrossOver software enables you to install and run native Microsoft Windows operating system programs and software packages on Linux. That is, you can use the same software you use on your MS Windows computer on Linux, often with better performance, which saves you the expensive and time consuming processes related to the licensing of MS Windows operating systems.

Since CrossOver XI (eleven) CrossOver Games and the basic CrossOver software that supports productivity applications, such as Microsoft Office are combined, so that you can play most popular Windows games in addition to any business software you may use.

There is an officially supported set of Windows programs that can be installed using Crossover. However, there are many other programs that can be installed, sometimes requiring a few tricks. Codeweavers has set up an online compatibility database where CrossOver can download recipes for installing a particular program, and users can upload recipes if they figured out how to install a program.

CrossOver is a product developed by CodeWeavers and is based on the open source software Wine, which makes it possible to run native MS Windows applications on Linux.

CodeWeavers contributes to the development of the freely available Wine software and offers CrossOver Linux 12 for $59.95 as a tool for easy setup. The Windows games and applications themselves and their licenses have to be provided by the user.

See the official announcement for more information.

December 22, 2012 at 11:32 pm
(1) Johan says:

The “bottom line”:

“… CrossOver Linux 12 for $59.95 …”


The whole idea of Linux project entails that it is entirely free of charge, the enthusiasts’ unbounded labour of love accessible to all mankind.

Shame indeed.

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