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Juergen Haas

Linux February 2004 Archive


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An Open Source Question Open for Discussion

Friday February 27, 2004
"Okay, what is this about open source? I mean, you have all these people all over the world developing code and then...they give it away? Hello?" One poster asks. "The ... Read More


Friday February 27, 2004
A Pascal-descended language that was at one time made mandatory for Department of Defense software projects by the Pentagon. Read more.


Friday February 27, 2004
This program gives you raw access to the kernel time variables. For a machine connected to the Internet, or equipped with a precision oscillator or radio clock, the best way ... Read More

Advanced configuration and Power Interface

Friday February 20, 2004
ACPI is an open industry specification co-developed by Hewlett-Packard, Intel, Microsoft, and Toshiba. ACPI establishes industry-standard interfaces for OS-directed configuration and power management on laptops, desktops, and servers. Read more.


Friday February 20, 2004
ad-hoc is a wireless networking architecture in which there is no central access point. Read more.


Friday February 13, 2004
Kanji code converter ACK is a highly versatile Kanji code converter. ACK can do reciprocal conversion among Japanese EUC, Shift-JIS and 7bit JIS. Read more.


Friday February 13, 2004
The a2ps filter converts text and other types of files to PostScript format. Read more.

GUI vs. Command Lines: Join the Discussion

Friday February 6, 2004
"It sort of irks me when people suggest that a command-line interface is somehow better and having a GUI interface means the OS is "dumbed down". The graphical user interface ... Read More

Linux/Unix Commands and Shell Commands

Friday February 6, 2004
There are two kinds of commands that come with each Linux / Unix operating system: The Linux / Unix commands and the built-in shell commands. Here are some of the ... Read More

8.3 filename

Friday February 6, 2004
A filename corresponding to the standard MS-DOS gleaming conventions, which restrict filenames to 8 characters and optional extensions to 3 characters. Read more.

Twenty Linux Luminaries

Thursday February 5, 2004
Linux World Magazine, one of the leading global authorities on Linux, in its January issue named twenty people as the world’s “Linux luminaries”. They are - Eric Raymond of Open Source ... Read More

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