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Linux 101: A Newcomer's Guide


This guides provides you with step-by-step information that you may use for the process of comparing operating systems, deciding if Linux is for you, choosing a Linux distribution, installing and configuring it, and getting software applications for your Linux environment.

Step 1. Operating Systems: Unix vs. Windows

First you need to understand what an operating systems is. We will provide a brief comparison between Unix and Windows, the two major families of operating systems. Linux is a member of the Unix family.

Step 2. Linux, the Ultimate Unix

Unix is not a single operating system. It has over a hundred flavors. Linux was developed based on the Unix tradition. But it is not just another Unix flavor. It has turned the evolution of Unix into a revolution. Learn more here.

Step 3. Choose a Linux Distribution

Having over a hundred to choose from, which Linux distribution is for you? Here are some comparisons and factors to consider.

Step 4. Red Hat Linux Installation and Configuration

Fasten your seatbelts; you are about to embark on your first (or another) hands-on Linux journey. Provided for your reference is this step-by-step guide for Red Hat Linux installation and configuration, with screen shots.

Step 5. Software Picks for Your New Linux OS

Now that you are running the Linux operating system, you need software for business and pleasure. Let's take a look at some of the software options for your Linux operating system, such as office and business applications, and graphic software.

Step 6. How To Find A Linux Expert

When you decide to use Linux in your organization, as desktop systems and/or in the server room, it may be a good time to start thinking about obtaining the services of a "Linux guru".

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