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Definition: Samba: Samba adds Windows-networking support to UNIX. Whereas NFS is the most popular protocol for sharing files among UNIX machines, SMB is the most popular protocol for sharing files among Windows machines. The Samba package adds the ability for UNIX systems to interact with Windows systems. Key point: The Samba package comprises the following: smbd The Samba service allowing other machines (often Windows) to read files from a UNIX machine. nmbd Provides support for NetBIOS. Logically, the SMB protocol is layered on top of NetBIOS, which is in turn layered on top of TCP/IP. smbmount An extension to the mount program that allows a UNIX machine to connect to another machine implicitly. Files can be accessed as if they were located on the local machines. smbclient Allows files to be access through SMB in an explicity manner. This is a command-line tool much like the FTP tool that allows files to be copied. Unlike smbmount, files cannot be accessed as if they were local. smb.conf The configuration file for Samba.

Source: Hacking-Lexicon / Linux Dictionary V 0.16
Author: Binh Nguyen linuxfilesystem(at)yahoo(dot)com(dot)au

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