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Definition: trustees: Advanced permission management system for Linux. The main goal of Linux trustees project is to create an advanced permission management system for linux. In fact, UNIX permission system is not suitable for solution of very common tasks. E.g., let a system administrator wants to create a directory that available for some groups in write mode, for another groups - in read only. The files in the directory and subdirectories should inherits the parent's behavior, unless other is stated explicitly. Using standard UNIX (and Linux) security model it is generally speaking impossible to implement the situation when different groups have read/ write and read/only permissions. This issue can be resolved by ext2-fs ACL project, but the problem is that nobody wants to copy mask or ACLs from parent directory to subdirectories either by hands or using special scripts. Using the trustees, you can resolve this problems just typing [/ device]/path:+group1:REBX The solution proposed is mainly inspired by Novell Netware approach and Java security API. Special objects (called trustees) can be bounded to every file or directory. Trustee object means that access to file or directory or directory with subdirectories is granted (or denied) to certain user or group (or all except user or group). This package provides settrustee utility, which enables new privileges from trustee.conf. From Debian 3.0r0 APT

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