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Definition: zed: Powerful, multipurpose, configurable text editor This package contains a console and an X version. - Can use ANY key sequence (e.g. define a block with shift-arrow) even on the console. - Intelligent screen update (NOT using the slow (n)curses). - Column blocks with insert & overwrite. - Multi window/multi buffer. - Color C++, HTML, TeX, Java, mail file. - Shows parenthesis matching, searches for C functions, reindents C blocks. - About 200 commands and 100 variables to deal with. - Can edit/insert control codes (ASCII 0-31 and 128-159). - Executes programs with output redirected to a window (e.g. make, man, etc). - Can load files with CRLF and/or CR and/or LF end-of-line marker. - Clipboard and delete buffer. - Saveable run-time macros. - Simple and powerful configuration system. - Easy document mode, almost ASCII. - Automatic word wrap and reformat, even inside quoted line within an e-mail file. - Small, fast, powerful, low CPU consumer. - Hexdump-like mode to edit binary file. - You can go everywhere with the cursor. - Internal, fast file selector.

Source: Debian 3.0r0 APT / Linux Dictionary V 0.16
Author: Binh Nguyen linuxfilesystem(at)yahoo(dot)com(dot)au

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