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Linux / Unix Command: chsh
Command Library


chsh - change your login shell  


chsh [ -s shell ] [ -l ] [ -u ] [ -v ] [ username ]  


chsh is used to change your login shell. If a shell is not given on the command line, chsh prompts for one.  


chsh will accept the full pathname of any executable file on the system. However, it will issue a warning if the shell is not listed in the /etc/shells file. On the other hand, it can also be configured such that it will only accept shells listed in this file, unless you are root.  


-s, --shell
Specify your login shell.
-l, --list-shells
Print the list of shells listed in /etc/shells and exit.
-u, --help
Print a usage message and exit.
-v, --version
Print version information and exit.


login(1), passwd(5), shells(5)  

Important: Use the man command (% man) to see how a command is used on your particular computer.

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