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Linux / Unix Command: localedef
Command Library


localedef - compile locale definition files  


localedef [-f charmapfile] [-i inputfile] [--force] [--verbose] [--posix] [--quiet] outputpath
localedef --version
localedef --help  


The localedef program reads the indicated charmap and input files, compiles them to a form usable by the locale(7) functions in the C library, and places the six output files in the outputpath directory.

If no charmapfile is given, POSIX is used by default. If no inputfile is given, or if it is given as -, localedef reads from standard input.  


Most options can have either short or long forms. If multiple short options are used, they can be combined in one word (e.g. -cv). If an option takes an argument, the argument can be given separately as the next word, or it can be written as option=argument.
-f charmapfile, --charmap=charmapfile
Specify the file that defines the symbolic character names that are used by the input file. If the file is in the default directory for character maps, it is not necessary to specify the full pathname. This default directory is printed by localedef --help.
-i inputfile, --inputfile=inputfile
Specify the locale definition file to compile. If inputfile is not absolute, localedef will also look in the directory specified by the environment variable I18NPATH and in the default directory for locale definition files. This default directory is printed by localedef --help.
-c, --force
Write the output files even if warnings were generated about the input file.
-v, --verbose
Generate extra warnings about errors that are normally ignored.
Suppress all notifications and warnings, and report only fatal errors.
Be strictly POSIX conformant. Implies --verbose. This option currently has no other effect. Posix conformance is assumed if the environment variable POSIXLY_CORRECT is set.
-u codeset, --code-set-name=codeset
This option is accepted but ignored.
-h, --help
Print a usage summary and exit. Also prints the default paths used by localedef.
-V, --version
Print the version number, license, and disclaimer of warranty for localedef.


locale(5), locale(7), locale(1)  

Important: Use the man command (% man) to see how a command is used on your particular computer.

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