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Linux / Unix Command: mcookie
Command Library


mcookie - generate magic cookies for xauth  


mcookie [-v] [-f filename ]  


mcookie generates a 128-bit random hexadecimal number for use with the X authority system. Typical usage:
xauth add :0 . `mcookie`

The "random" number generated is actually the output of the MD5 message digest fed with various piece of random information: the current time, the process id, the parent process id, the contents of an input file (if -f is specified), and several bytes of information from the first of the following devices which is present: /dev/random, /dev/urandom, files in /proc, /dev/audio.  


X(1), xauth(1), md5sum(1)

Important: Use the man command (% man) to see how a command is used on your particular computer.

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