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Linux / Unix Command: StrMatch
Command Library


Tcl_StringMatch, Tcl_StringCaseMatch - test whether a string matches a pattern  


#include <tcl.h>

Tcl_StringMatch(string, pattern)

Tcl_StringCaseMatch(string, pattern, nocase)


char    *string    (in)
String to test.
char    *pattern    (in)
Pattern to match against string. May contain special characters from the set *?\[].
int    nocase    (in)
Specifies whether the match should be done case-sensitive (0) or case-insensitive (1).



This utility procedure determines whether a string matches a given pattern. If it does, then Tcl_StringMatch returns 1. Otherwise Tcl_StringMatch returns 0. The algorithm used for matching is the same algorithm used in the ``string match'' Tcl command and is similar to the algorithm used by the C-shell for file name matching; see the Tcl manual entry for details.

In Tcl_StringCaseMatch, the algorithm is the same, but you have the option to make the matching case-insensitive. If you choose this (by passing nocase as 1), then the string and pattern are essentially matched in the lower case.



match, pattern, string

Important: Use the man command (% man) to see how a command is used on your particular computer.

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