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Linux / Unix Command: enable
Command Library


disable, enable - stop/start printers and classes  


disable [ -E ] [ -c ] [ -h server ] [ -r reason ] destination(s)
enable [ -E ] destination(s)  


enable starts the named printers or classes.

disable stops the named printers or classes. The following options may be used:


Cancels all jobs on the named destination.
-r [ reason ]

Sets the message associated with the stopped state. If no reason is specified then the message is set to "Reason Unknown".

The -E option forces encryption when connecting to the server.  


accept(8), cancel(1), lp(1), lpadmin(8), lpstat(1), reject(8), CUPS Software Administrators Manual, http://localhost:631/documentation.html  

Important: Use the man command (% man) to see how a command is used on your particular computer.

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