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Linux / Unix Command: vgchange
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vgchange - change attributes of a volume group  


vgchange [-A|--autobackup {y|n}] [-a|--available {y|n}] [-d|--debug] [-h|--help] [-l|--logicalvolume MaxLogicalVolumes] [-v|--verbose] [--version] [-x|--allocation {y|n}] [VolumeGroupName...]  


vgchange allows you to change the attributes of one or more volume groups. Its main purpose is to activate and deactivate VolumeGroupName, or all volume groups if none is specified. Only active volume groups are subject to changes and allow access to their logical volumes. During volume group activation, if vgchange recognizes snapshot logical volumes which were dropped because they ran out of space, it displays a message informing the administrator that such snapshots should be removed (see lvremove(8)).  


-A, --autobackup{y|n}
Controls automatic backup of metadata after the change. See vgcfgbackup (8). Default is yes.
-a, --available{y|n}
Controls the availability of the volume group for input/output. In other words: makes a volume group known/unknown to the kernel.
-d, --debug
Enables additional debugging output (if compiled with DEBUG).
-h, --help
Print a usage message on standard output and exit successfully.
-l, --logicalvolume MaxLogicalVolumes
Changes the maximum logical volume number of an existing inactive volume group.
-v, --verbose
Displays verbose runtime information about vgchange's activities.
Displays tool and IOP version and exit successfully.
-x, --allocation{y|n}
Enables or disables the extension/reduction of this volume group with/by physical volumes.


To activate all known volume groups in the system:

	vgchange -a y

To change the maximum number of logical volumes of inactive volume group vg00 to 128.

	vgchange -l 128 /dev/vg00



lvm(8), vgcreate(8)  

Important: Use the man command (% man) to see how a command is used on your particular computer.

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