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Alias Command
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Definition: alias is a built-in shell command in Linux / Unix operating systems. It can save you a lot of typing by assigning a name to long commands. For example, if you need to repeatedly copy files from one directory to another using the command

cp /home/jones/data1/* /usr/local/share/latest/.

you can replace this long command line with a short easy to remember name like "moveit" using the alias command as follows:

alias moveit="cp /home/jones/data1/* /usr/local/share/latest/."

Then you can just type "moveit" at the command prompt and it will do the same copy operation.

If you change your mind and want to assign a different command to the alias, you do it same way-the previous definition will be overwritten.

If you don't want anything assigned to the alias anymore you can un-set it using "unalias":

unalias moveit

If you want to check all the alias definitions currently active, simply type alias without any arguments:


An alias definition is valid only in the current shell execution environment and the execution environments of its subshells.

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