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Chapter 1. Basic Skills Using GNOME
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1.2. Keyboard Skills

1.2.d. Access Keys

A menubar is a bar at the top of a window that contains the menus for the application. An access key is an underlined letter in a menubar, menu, or dialog that you can use to perform an action. On a menubar, the access key for each menu is underlined.

To open a menu, hold the Alt key, then press the access key. In the menu, the access key for each menu item is underlined. To choose a menu item when a menu is displayed, you can simply press the access key for the menu item.

For example, to open a new window in the Help application, press Alt+F to open the File menu, then press N to activate the New Window menu item.

You can also use access keys to access elements in a dialog. In a dialog, one letter in most dialog elements is underlined. To access a particular dialog element, hold Alt, then press the access key. (Next: GNOME Desktop Overview)

GNOME Desktop Basic Skills
Table of Contents

1.1 Mouse Skills
     1.1.a. Mouse Buttons
     1.1.b. Mouse Actions
     1.1.c. Mouse Pointers

1.2 Keyboard Skills
     1.2.a. Global Shortcut Keys
     1.2.b. Window Shortcut Keys
     1.2.c. Application Keys
     1.2.d. Access Keys (You are here)

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