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Chapter 2. GNOME Desktop Overview
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2.5 Applications

2.5.d. Saving a File

The first time you save your work in an application, the Save File dialog will ask you for a location and name for the new file. Subsequent saving updates this file. To save to a new file, choose File->Save As.

You can enter a filename and choose a location to save in from the drop-down list of bookmarks and commonly-used locations.

Saving in another location

To save the file in a location not listed in the drop-down list, click the Browse for other folders expansion label. This shows a file browser similar to the one in the Open File dialog.


The expanded Save File dialog has the same features as the Open File dialog, such as filtering, find-as-you-type, and adding and removing bookmarks.

Replacing an existing file

If you type in the name of an existing file, you will be asked whether you wish to replace the existing file with your current work. You can also do this by choosing the file you want to overwrite in the browser.

Typing a Path

To specify a path to save a file, type it into the Name field. A drop-down of possible file and folder names is displayed once you begin typing. Use down arrow and up arrow and Return to choose from the list. If only one file or folder matches the partial name you have typed, press Tab to complete the name. (Next: Desktop Sessions)

GNOME Desktop Overview
Table of Contents

2.1 Introduction

2.2. The Desktop

2.3 Windows
     2.3.a. Types of Windows
     2.3.b. Manipulating Windows
     2.3.c. Giving Focus to a Window

2.4. Workspaces
     2.4.a. Switching Between Workspaces
     2.4.b. Adding Workspaces

2.5. Applications (You are here)
     2.5.a. Common Features
     2.5.b. Working With Files
     2.5.c. Choosing a File to Open
     2.5.d. Saving a File

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