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Chapter 4. Working With Panels
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4.9. Default Panel Objects

4.9.b. Notification Area Applet

Notification Area icon.

The Notification Area applet displays icons from various applications to indicate activity in the application. For example, when you use the CD Player application to play a CD, a CD icon is displayed in the Notification Area applet. The graphic above illustrates the CD icon in the Notification Area applet.

To add a Notification Area applet to a panel, right-click on any vacant space on the panel. Choose Add to Panel->Utility->Notification Area. (Next: Main Menu Panel Object)

Chapter 4. Working With Panels
Table of Contents

4.1. Introduction
      4.1.a Top Edge Panel
      4.1.b. Bottom Edge Panel

4.2. Managing Panels
      4.2.a. Moving a Panel
      4.2.b. Panel Properties
      4.2.c Hiding a Panel
      4.2.d. Adding a New Panel
      4.2.e. Deleting a Panel

4.3. Panel Objects
      4.3.a. Interacting With Panel Objects
      4.3.b. Adding an Object to a Panel
      4.3.c. Modifying the Properties of an Object
      4.3.d. Moving a Panel Object
      4.3.e. Locking a Panel Object
      4.3.f. Removing a Panel Object

4.4. Applets

4.5. Launchers
      4.5.a. Adding a Launcher to a Panel
      4.5.b. Modifying a Launcher
      4.5.c. Launcher Properties

4.6. Buttons
      4.6.a. Force Quit Button
      4.6.b. Lock Screen Button
      4.6.c. Log Out Button
      4.6.d. Run Button
      4.6.e. Screenshot Button
      4.6.f. Search Button
      4.6.g. Show Desktop Button

4.7. Menus

4.8. Drawers
      4.8.a. To Open and Close a Drawer
      4.8.b. To Add a Drawer to a Panel
      4.8.c. To Add an Object to a Drawer
      4.8.d. To Modify Drawer Properties

4.9. Default Panel Objects
      4.9.a. Window Selector Applet
      4.9.b. Notification Area Applet (you are here)
      4.9.c. Main Menu Panel Object
      4.9.d. Menu Bar Panel Object

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