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Chapter 7. GNOME Desktop Tools and Utilities
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7.1. Running Applications

The Run Application dialog gives you access to the command line. When you run a command in the Run Application dialog, you cannot receive output from the command.

To run a command from the command line perform the following steps:

  1. Display the Run Application dialog. You can display the Run Application dialog in any of the following ways:

    From a panel

    You can add the Run Application object to any panel. See the section called Adding an Object to a Panel. Click on the Run button to open the Run Application dialog.

    Using shortcut keys

    Press Alt+F2. You can change the shortcut keys that display the Run Application dialog in the Keyboard Shortcuts preference tool.

    The Run Application dialog is displayed.

  2. Enter the command that you want to run in the blank field.

    Alternatively, to choose a command that you ran previously, click the down arrow button beside the command field, then choose the command to run.

    Alternatively, select the Show list of known applications option to display a list of available applications.

    You can also use the Run with file button to choose a file to append to the command line. For example, you can enter emacs as the command, then choose a file to edit.

    Select the Run in terminal option to run the application or command in a terminal window. Choose this option for an application or command that does not create a window in which to run.

  3. Click on the Run button on the Run Application dialog. (Next: Taking Screenshots

Chapter 7. GNOME Desktop Tools and Utilities
Table of Contents

7.1. Running Applications (you are here)
7.2. Taking Screenshots
7.3. Yelp Help Browser
      7.3.a. Introduction
      7.3.b. Starting Yelp
      7.3.c. Using Yelp
      7.3.d. Advanced Features
      7.3.e. More Information
      7.3.f. Joining the GNOME Documentation Project

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