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Using KRename: Adding Files

KRename: The Free Batch Renamer


KRename:  Add Files

KRename: Add Files

2) Using KRename

2.2) Adding Files

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Regardless wether you are in beginners or advanced users mode, you'll see this page. On this page you have to do the first step: Add the files you want to rename.

You can either drag and drop them from a Konqueror window into KRename or by just pressing the Add... button. In the following dialog you can select files like in every other KDE application, too.

Another way to add files to KRename is to select a bunch of files in Konqueror and select from the context menu Actions -> Rename with KRename. If you are using Krusader, you can use KRename in a similar way as KRename is also integrated into Krusader.

You will notice some new options on the bottom of the dialog though. These are interesting when you have selected one (or more) directories by dragging a frame with your mouse around the directory icons in the dialog. If you select the Add sub directories recursively option, all the contents of directories in the selected directory will be added, too. If Add directory names only is selected, only the directories itself are added to the list and not there contents. This option is interesting if you want to rename your directory structure.

Table of Contents:

1) Introduction
    1.1) What is KRename?
    1.2) How much does it cost?
    1.3) Where can I get it?
    1.4) I need help, whom can I ask?

2) Using KRename
    2.1) The First Start
    2.2) Adding Files
            2.2.1) File Previews
            2.2.2) Sorting Files
    2.3) Rename, Copy or Move?
    2.4) Plugins
    2.5) Building the filename
            2.5.1) Building the filename – Beginners Mode
            2.5.2) Building the filename – Advanced Mode
            2.5.3) Available tokens in KRename
            2.5.4) Advanced renaming features
            2.5.5) Date formatting
    2.6) Renaming Completed

3) Examples
     3.1) Sorting your picture collection – Beginners Mode
     3.2) Capitalizing some files – Beginners Mode
     3.3) Converting filenames to lower case – Advanced Mode
     3.4) Renaming your mp3 collection – Advanced Mode
     3.5) Replacing spaces with underscores – Advanced Mode

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