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Linux Distributions - Index

List of 100 Linux distributions; List of the most popular Linux distributions; List of CD-based Linux distributions. Links here will lead you to information and resources for Linux distros.
  1. CD Based (3)
  2. Linux User Survey (2)
  3. Popular Linux Distros (526)

Linux Distro Preference
Collection of readers contribution about their favorite Linux distros.

Wubi - Linux installation program for MS Windows
Wubi is an installation program for Microsoft Windows that installs the Linux distribution Ubuntu on a computer running Microsoft Windows such that the user can choose either of the two operating systems when the computer starts up.

Which Linux Distribution is for Me?
Although the authors of the “Linux Newbie Administrator Guide”believe that "whichever distribution you decide to install, you will end up with essentially the same Linux," they do give many informative and practical tips, especially for Linux newbies.

Linux Distributions: Comparisons
This is the homework you do before you pick a Linux distribution for your computer. Read a comparison of some of the most popular Linux distributions and introductions and links to more resources for these Linux distributions.

100 Linux Distributions
Linux itself is the core (kernel) of an operating system. Distributions are developed all the time based on the Linux kernel, adding enhancements, packaged with software and tools for installation and configuration. Find information here for 100 Linux Distributions.

Poll: Which Linux Distro Are You Running?

Introduction to Cygwin, the Linux environment for Mircosoft Windows operating systems

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