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Ubuntu Game: Tremulous

Downloading, Installating and Playing



Tremulous is a fast-paced FPS (first person shooter) game. However, the gameplay is unlike most other FPS games because not only do you get to pick whether you want to be a human or an alien, but there are also other customizations allowed. If you are a human, you can upgrade your armor, improving both your looks and your battle skills. If you are an alien, you can upgrade your body, starting out as a small innocent looking spider, and later becoming a huge 10-foot tall and 8-legged horror. Read more...

Tremulous Manual


  1. Click on "Applications" on the task bar to bring up the Applications menu.
  2. From the Applications menu select "Add/Remove" to show the "Add/Remove Applications" window.
  3. Click on the "Show" selection box and select "All available applications".
  4. In the "Search" box type: "tremulous". This should bring up a listing of the software along with a description.
  5. Click the check box next the "Tremulous" line. The following message may pop up: Enable the installation of unsupported and restricted software? The use, modification and distribution of Tremulous is restricted by copyright or by legal terms in some countries.
  6. After clicking "Enable" you can start the installation by clicking the "Apply Changes" button at the bottom of the window. Another pop-up window requests confirmation:
     Apply the following change?
     Please take a final look through the list of applications that will be installed or removed.
  7. After clicking "Apply" a pop-up window will ask for your administrative password:
     Enter your password to perform adminstrative tasks
     The application 'Synaptic Package Manager' lets you modify essential parts of your system.
  8. After entering the correct password, the downloading and installation process begins, indicated by another pop-up window:
     Downloading package files
     The package files will be cached locally for installation. 
    When the installation is completed, the following window appears:
     New application has been installed To start a newly installed application double click on it. 
    Click the "Close" button.
  9. To start playing the game, click on "Applications" in the task bar, and select "Games". The list of games should now include "Tremulous". Click this to start the game.

Starting the game

  1. On first page, select "Play" at the upper right hand corner.
  2. The next page shows a table with headers "Server Name", "Map Name", "Players", "Ping".
    - Above this table you can select a "Source" by repeatedly clicking on it.
    - Select "Internet".
    - After clicking "Get New List" and "Refresh List" you should see a list of servers in the table.
  3. Double click on one of servers and wait for the program to download the data to join the game on that server.
  4. You can change your screen name as follows:
    • To show the console window use the '~' key
    • In the console window type: "/name myname" and hit return; "myname" would be the name you want to use for the game
    • Press the '~' key again to close the console window

Playing the game

- On screen instructions tell you how to switch between observer mode and joining a team.
- You can move in the three-dimensional space using the mouse to change your orientation (turning left, right, up, or down), and the arrow keys to move left, right, forward, backward, up, or down.

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