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Articles about Linux embedded in devices other than regular computers. Information about use of Linux in mobile phones, cars, and homes.
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Embedded Mobile Linux 101
A basic introduction to the fast developing area of embedded Linux in mobile devices: Background knowledge, a comparison of mobile Linux and Standard x86-based Linux, processor and vendor information, a comparison with other embedded operating systems, and resources for current and future developments.

Embedded Linux for Mobile Devices
A group of companies interested in the development of Linux products formed The Embedded Linux Consortium (ELC) in order to promote Linux and develop standards for the embedded computing markets....

Real-Time Linux Primer
What is Real-Time Linux, also known as RTLinux? Learn the basics here.

This document aims at getting the novice user up and running with RTLinux in as painless a manner as possible.

Linux Devices


The Embedded Linux Consortium

Linux on Laptops, Mobile Phones, and PDAs
Linux devices and software for mobile computers, cell phones, and PDA's.

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