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Linux Benefits: For the Undecided

Table of Content

0.1 Fundamentally, why Linux?
0.2 Is Linux for me?
0.3 Linux is difficult for newbies
0.4 What are the benefits of Linux?
0.5 What are the differences between Linux and UNIX?
0.6 What are the differences between Linux and MS Windows?
0.7 I don't believe in free software, etc.
0.8 "There ain't no such thing as a free lunch"
0.9 I need high security. With commercial software, I can sue them if things go wrong.
0.10 I need standards. Big software corporations (Microsoft) provide standards
0.11 I Need MS Windows for Reading Writing MS Word Documents
0.12 MS Windows popularity insures that it is "here to stay"
0.13 But LINUX may fork into many different systems
0.14 Linux is a cult
0.15 The total cost of ownership (TCO) of Linux is high
0.16 Linux is idealistic "dreaming"; it is business that rules the world nowadays
0.17 Linux sux etc.

This is Part 0 of the Linux Newbie Administrator Guide, ver. 0.194. Copyright © 1999-2003 by Peter and Stan Klimas. Distributed under the Open Publication License, V1.0 or later, with the modification noted in the lnag Licence.
Disclaimer: Open Content is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind.

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