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EVMS User Guide


   EVMS User Guide
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3.2. Log file logging levels

There are several possible logging levels that you can choose to be collected in /var/log/evmsEngine.log . The "lowest" logging level, critical , collects only messages about serious system problems, whereas the "highest" level, everything , collects all logging related messages. When you specify a particular logging level, the Engine collects messages for that level and all the levels below it.

The following table lists the allowable log levels and the information they provide:

Table 3-1. EVMS logging levels

   Level name    Description
   Critical    The health of the system or the Engine is in jeopardy; for example, an operation has failed because there is not enough memory.
   Serious    An operation did not succeed.
   Error    The user has caused an error. The error messages are provided to help the user correct the problem.
   Warning    An error has occurred that the system might or might not be able to work around.
   Default    An error has occurred that the system has already worked around.
   Details    Detailed information about the system.
   Entry_Exit    Traces the entries and exits of functions.
   Debug    Information that helps the user debug a problem.
   Extra    More information that helps the user debug a problem than the "Debug" level provides.
   Everything    Verbose output.

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