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EVMS User Guide


   EVMS User Guide
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11.4. Reinitializing a snapshot

Snapshots can be reinitialized. Reinitializing causes all of the saved data to be erased and starts the snapshot from the current point in time. A reinitialized snapshot has the same original, chunk size, and writeable flags as the original snapshot.

To reinitialize a snapshot, use the Reset command on the snapshot object (not the snapshot volume). This command reinitializes the snapshot without requiring you to manually deactivate and reactivate the volume. The snapshot must be active but unmounted for it to be reinitialized.

This section continues the example from the previous section, where a snapshot object and volume were created. The snapshot object is called "snap" and the volume is called "/dev/evms/snap."

11.4.1. Using the EVMS GUI or Ncurses
11.4.2. Using the CLI

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