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Optimal Use of Fonts on Linux


3.1. Get a Better FreeType RPM

FreeType compiled with BCI presented much better screen font rendering results.

Get RPM s for your distribution here:

  • Appendix B .

  • Appendix B by Cody DeHaan.

  • Appendix B through the Penguin Liberation Front website. The package name is libfreetype6 .

  • Debian Sarge users have the BCI enabled FreeType from the "testing" and "unstable" package repositories. Next stable Debian version will include it as their default. The Debian package name is libfreetype6 .

If you use one of these distributions, but on a platform that binary RPMs are not being provided, you can easily compile your own (even if you don't have any software compilation skills) following the instructions on Appendix B .

WE WILL ACCEPT CONTRIBUTIONS of distribution specific FreeType repackaging, so if you can contact us , we appreciate.

If you are interested in repackaging your own FreeType, see how we repackage the Fedora Core and Red Hat RPM s with BCI on the Appendix A as a reference.

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