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Optimal Use of Fonts on Linux


6.1. Step 1: Prepare Your Environment to Build The Package

To build RPM s, you need a special structure of directories and some configurations on your environment. You should do everything as a regular user, in all steps. In fact, we recommend that you do not do this as root .

To create this directories, do this:


 bash$ cd ~
 bash$ mkdir -p src/rpm
 bash$ cd src/rpm
 bash$ cp -r /usr/src/redhat/* .
 bash$ ls

(the "~" is an alias to the current user's home directory name, and the command line knows it should interpret it this way)

Of course this is on a Red Hat system, but the important point is to have the following directories under src/rpm :

  • BUILD/

  • RPMS/noarch/

  • SRPMS/

Then, you'll have to create the .rpmmacros file in you home directory, with this single line content:


 %_topdir YOUR_HOME_DIR_HERE/src/rpm

And you should substitute YOUR_HOME_DIR_HERE with the absolute name of your $HOME directory. So as an example, my .rpmmacros file contains this line:


 %_topdir /home/aviram/src/rpm

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