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Optimal Use of Fonts on Linux


   Optimal Use of Fonts on Linux

D. About this Document

Copyright 2004, Avi Alkalay, Donovan Rebbechi, Hal Burgiss.

This document is a unification of the two former font HOWTOs available at TLDP.org : Donovan Rebbechi's original Font-HOWTO , and Hal Burgiss' original Font Deuglification HOWTO .

  • Donovan Rebbechi wrote part of the Section 7 and sections starting from Section 7

  • Hal Burgiss wrote Appendix A

  • Section 2.1 was borrowed from Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 Release Notes

  • Everything else written by Avi Alkalay

Many things changed on Linux' font infrastructure since the former HOWTOs were published, so all obsolete parts were removed.

This document must be distributed under the terms of GNU Free Documentation License . Please translate, adapt, improve, redistrubute using the original XML DocBook source right bellow. Let me know if you want me to put a link to your translation/adaptation/improvement here.

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