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Tutorial: Getting Started On Your Linux Desktop

8. Logout and Shutdown


To end this chapter, you can exit your session on the desktop by performing what is known as a logout.

If you do not want to use the system anymore, you can turn it off by performing a system shutdown.


When you have finished working on the system, you will need to logout. Logging out will inform the system that you are no longer using the system's resources. All the files opened and programs run by you will be closed and/or stopped unless you have specifically informed the system to keep them open or running for you.

To logout, at the Main Menu select:

Main Menu --> Logout

and at the dialog window select logout and click OK

Click to view screen shot Fig 1.13 Logout Dialog Window

Shutting Down the System

When you have finished using the computer and want to power it off, you will have to perform a system shutdown.

It is very important that a proper system shutdown is performed. You should not just turn off the power switch of the computer to shut it down. Failure to observe this may lead to system software and data corruption and failure.

To shutdown, at the Main Menu, perform a logout. Then at the graphical login screen select the "Shut down" option at the bottom of the screen. Sometimes (depending on the login screen chosen) the Shutdown option is available as a sub-option under the Actions option at the bottom of the screen.

Alternatively on some systems, you may be able to perform a shut down by performing a log out operation as described in the previous section but instead of selecting "Log out", select the "Shut down" option from the Logout dialog.


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Tutorial: Getting Started On Your Linux Desktop
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