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Tutorial: Using the Printer and Scanner

1. Printer Setup and Configuration


If you have a printer attached to your system you will need to configure and set it up before you can use it properly. To do this, click on the Print Manager icon on the Panel

To enable the system to detect your printer properly, you should turn on the printer before trying to configure it.

When you are prompted to run the printer configuration tool select OK. You will then need to enter the root password since you are now attempting to set and change some system parameters and configuration. At the printer configuration screen click on the New button to add and configure a new printer.

Click to view screen shot Fig 5.1 Printer Configuration.

The Add new print queue screen will be displayed. Select Forward.

Click to view screen shot Fig 5.2 Print Queue.

Fill in the details for the print queue. Enter a unique name for the printer in the Name field. This name must begin with a letter and cannot contain spaces. You may also want to enter a brief description of the printer. Enter Forward to go to the next screen.

Click to view screen shot Fig 5.3 Queue Type

Select locally-connected for the queue type. Select the printer device by clicking on the device displayed on the screen. If no device is shown click on Rescan device button for the system to check for the availability of the printer device.

For a parallel printer the device name is usually /dev/lp0 and for a USB printer the name is usually /dev/usb/lp0.

Select Forward to go to the Printer model screen.

Click to view screen shot Fig 5.4 Printer Model Selection.

The model of the printer should have been auto detected by the system. If it is not, click on the pull-down menu to select the manufacturer and the model of the printer. Click on Forward to go to the next screen.

Click to view screen shot Fig 5.5 Finish and Create New Print Queue

Confirm that the printer information displayed on the screen is correct. If so click on the Finish button, otherwise click on the Back button to go back and make further changes.

After clicking Finish you will be asked whether you want to print a test page. Ensure that the printer is connected and online and answer yes to it. Check to see if the test page is printed properly. If it is, click on the Apply button in the Printer configuration screen to add this printer to the system.

After setting up the printer you can delete it or edit its properties anytime by clicking on the Print Manager icon on the Panel. The Print Manager screen will be displayed.

Click to view screen shot Fig 5.6 Print Manager.

Right click on the printer in question and select Properties. Select the print queue in question and click on the Edit button to make changes or the Delete button to remove it from the system.

If you delete all the print queues associated with a printer , the printer itself will be deleted from the system too and you will have to set up a new printer again in order to print.


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