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Tutorial: Multimedia and Graphics Access

1. Multimedia Access and Players


Apart from being able to view and create graphics and other images, the PC is capable of supporting a wide range of audio and video features and facilities. These include the playing of audio CDs, audio digital files, VCD and DVD as well as multimedia games.

While support may be available in the software, the necessary hardware has to be available before these multimedia facilities can be used, e.g. a DVD drive is required to be present on the system before you can play a DVD.

By default most modern PCs come with a CD-ROM drive capable of playing audio CDs and VCDs as well as a soundcard and speakers. As such in this chapter we shall discuss how you can listen to an audio CD, play audio digital files and view VCDs.

In the following sections we shall be discussing several media players. Some of these e.g. mplayer and xine are multimedia players in that they can be used as generic players for audio CD, digital audio files, VCD and DVD.


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Tutorial: Multimedia and Graphics Access
1. Multimedia Access and Players
2. The Volume Control Applet
3. Playing Audio CDs
4. Playing Digital Audio Files
5. Playing VCD and DVD
6. Graphic Images Access
7. Using File Manager to Access Image Files
8. gThumb Image Viewer

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