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Linux Tutorial: Accessing the Internet

2. Dial-up Connectivity


The simplest way to access the Internet is to use a dial-up telephone line connection. Almost all ISPs provide dial-up access connectivity to the Internet using the existing telephone line in the home or office. To do this you will need the availability of a telecommunication device called a "modem". Most modern PCs come with a built-in dial-up modem card or if it does not, you can purchase an external dial-up modem and use the serial port available on your PC for connection.

Before you can dial up to your ISP and access the Internet, you have to configure your system to recognize the modem and then dial the correct number to your ISP. You will need to have at hand the following information needed for the modem configuration:

  • telephone number to dial to the ISP for the Internet access
  • Internet access login name and password provided by the ISP


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Tutorial: Accessing the Internet on Linux
1. The Internet Service Provider (ISP)
2. Dial-up Connectivity
3. Modem Configuration
4. Activating the Modem
5. xDSL Connectivity
6. xDSL Configuration
7. PPoE over Ethernet
8. Activating the xDSL Link

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