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Tutorial: Email Client for the Linux Desktop

2. Evolution Mail


Evolution can be launched either from the icon on the panel or from the Main Menu: Main menu --> Internet --> Evolution Email

The first time you run Evolution, you will be placed in the welcome/setup screen to configure Evolution to send and receive email using your email account. Follow the onscreen instructions to fill in the information required about your email account. Some of the important items to fill in are: described below.


For the identity screen the following have to be entered:

Email name: (fill in your name)
Email address: (fill in your email address)

Click to view screen shot Fig 9.1 Evolution Email Identity

Receiving Mail

For the receiving mail screen, the following have to be entered:

Server type: POP
Host: (fill in name of your POP3 server)
Username: (fill in username of your POP3 email account)

Click to view screen shot Fig 9.2 Evolution Email POP3 Setup

Sending Mail

For the sending mail screen the following have to be entered:

Server type: SMTP
Host: (fill in name of your SMTP server)

Click to view screen shot Fig 9.3 Evolution SMTP Setup

Time Zone

Ensure that you select the correct time zone.


After successfully filling in the configuration screens, click on the Apply button at the confirmation screen, Evolution will be started and the main Evolution screen is displayed.

Click to view screen shot Fig 9.4 Evolution Main Screen

Only a very brief description of the functionalities and features of Evolution are given here. The user should refer to the Help button on the menu bar for more details.

Inbox Folder

The Inbox houses the email sent to you which you have downloaded from the POP3 server. To see what is in your Inbox click on the Inbox icon. If you have emails in your Inbox, they will be displayed here. To read an email select it by clicking on it in the Subject Window.

Click to view screen shot Fig 9.5 Evolution Inbox

Composing Emails

To compose an email, from the Inbox screen, click on the New button.

Enter the email address of the recipient as well as the subject. The latter should be a few words describing the contents of the mail but it should also not be too long. If you need to CC the mail to another email address, click on the View button on the top Menu bar and select CC field which will be displayed. After composing the email, you can send it.

Click to view screen shot Fig 9.6 Evolution Composing Email

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