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Linux Documentation

Collection of introductory documentation on common tasks in Linux setup and administration, as well as guidance and recommendations on software selection.
  1. EVMS User Guide (1)
  2. Introduction to Linux (1)
  3. Linux Network Admin Guide (2)
  4. Linux Security (5)
  5. Linux Tools Summary (1)
  6. Linux on the Road (2)
  7. Newbie Administrator Guide (1)
  8. System Administration (1)

Software for Backing Up Windows Files on Linux Server
A free program for copying files from Microsoft Windows to Linux servers and vice versa

The Data-Type "long"
Review of data-type "long" for computer programming.

Copying Files Between Computers and Operating Sysems
Various methods for copying files from one computer to another.

The ls Command
Introduction to the Linux command ls

What is a terminal?

What is a USB connection?

What is a hard disk partition?

What are files, and what are they used for?

Linux Packages
Brief analysis of the organization of software on Linux systems in packages.

The Linux command mount connects external file storage devices.

Ajax - Paradigm For Responsive And Interactive Web Pages
Overview of the concepts and technolgies comprising Ajax applications.

Quick answers to the questions of what is a computer file, what is its purpose, and how is it used.

What is a package? How is a package created and used on Linux systems.

What is a Linux process?

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