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Software for Backing Up Windows Files on Linux Server

The WinSCP Utility


If you work on a computer running a Microsoft operating system (Windows) and would like to save backups of your work to a Linux server, the freely available utility WinSCP offers intuitive and user-friendly functions to accomplish that.

WinSCP provides are wide range of options for copying files between a local Windows computer and a remote Linux server. In particular it can be useful for backing up files to a remote server and synchronizing local and remote directories, which is also useful for website development.

Its graphical user interface makes connecting to the remove server a breeze. The standard layout shows two panels. A directory of the local machine on the left and a directory of the remote server on the right.

It functions like a regular file manager for the local or remote directories allowing you to copy and delete files and directories, as well as open and view the content of files. It effectively provides graphical user interface for the remote file system.

You can manually move files between the two computers, or you can use the synchronize or keep-up-to-date functions to automate the synchronization.

The program provides reasonable safeguards and confirmation queries so that you don't accidentally delete or overwrite the wrong files.

The software allows you to save your current session with a session name, so that next time the software will go directly to the directories that were displayed at the time the session was saved.

Finally, WinSCP also has command line and scripting capabilities for more complex operations or customized procedures.

WinSCP can be downloaded free of charge from winscp.net.

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