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Linux System Administrator's Guide


   Linux System Administrators Guide:
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18.2. IRC

IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is not covered in the Eric Raymond document, but IRC can also be an excellent way of finding the answers you need. However it does require some practice in asking questions in the right way. Most IRC networks have busy #linux channels and if the answer to your question is contained in the man pages, or in the HOWTOs then expect to be told to go read them. The rule about typing in clear and grammatical English still applies.

Most of what has been said about newsgroups and mailing lists is still relevant for IRC, with a the following additions

18.2.1. Colours
18.2.2. Be Polite
18.2.3. Type Properly, in English
18.2.4. Port scanning
18.2.5. Keep it in the Channel
18.2.6. Stay On Topic
18.2.7. CTCPs
18.2.8. Hacking, Cracking, Phreaking, Warezing
18.2.9. Round Up
18.2.10. Further Reading

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