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GNU/Linux Command-Line Tools Summary


   GNU/Linux Command-Line Tools Summary
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11.1. Text Editors

  • vi

    A traditional UNIX system text editor, should be on any UNIX system. It requires learning a few key combinations, but is very powerful, and it is also quite small. vi is well known for its minimal use of resources.


    vim - vi improved. A newer version of the vulnerable vi editor. Many systems use vim rather than vi .

  • emacs

    More than just a text editor. This text editor has a steep learning curve but is also very powerful, it is both advanced and quite large. emacs can do anything, surf the internet, chat, play games and many other tasks.

  • Others

    There are too many different text editors to list here. Have a look on the internet, either search for them using any search engine or you will find many of them at Sourceforge or Freshmeat.

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