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GNU/Linux Command-Line Tools Summary


   GNU/Linux Command-Line Tools Summary
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15.1. tar (tape archiver)

Type tar then -option(s)

Options list:

  • -c --- create.

  • -v --- verbose, give more output, show what files are being worked with (extracted or added).

  • -f --- file (create or extract from file) - should always be the last option otherwise the command will not work.

  • -z --- put the file though gzip or use gunzip on the file first.

  • -x --- extract the files from the tarball.

  • -p --- preserves dates, permissions of the original files.

  • -j --- send archive through bzip2.

  • --exclude=pattern --- this will stop certain files from being archived (using a standard wild-card pattern) or a single file name.

  • tar examples


    tar -cvpf name_of_file.tar files_to_be_backed_up

    This would create a tape archive (no compressing).


    tar -zxvpf my_tar_file.tar.gz

    This would extract files (verbosely) from a gzipped tape archive.

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