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GNU/Linux Command-Line Tools Summary


A.2.2. Specific Further reading

The most obvious place to look for documentation is to find the homepage of the program. Although sometimes there are other sources of information such as the Linux Documentation Project or various online HOWTO's or similar guides. They are usually easily found using search engines. Try large sites such as (ibiblio) the publics library and digital archive or TuxFinder which can search for documentation.

Below is a very short list of some further reading for a few of the more complex tools:

A.2.2.1. The UNIX tools philosophy further reading

  • An article within the coreutils documentation (installed on nearly every GNU/Linux distro) provides further explanation of the UNIX tools philosophy. To access the article simply type:


    info coreutils

    Then type / (slash; runs a search) then the string "toolbox" (toolbox is the string to be searched for) then hit enter (follow hyperlink) and then go down to the "Toolbox introduction" section and hit enter. This will give you access to the article.

  • Other articles online include an: A listing of important qualities of the philosophy.

  • A listing of important qualities of the philosophy.

  • Linux Exposed The Unix Philosophy Explained

  • Or an entire book which is considered the authoritative guide toward understanding the philosophy behind how the UNIX system was built. The book is called "The Unix Philosophy" ISBN: 1555581234.

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