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The Linux Modem How-To

By The Linux Documentation Project

13.1 Installing getty_ps

Since uugetty is part of getty_ps you'll first have to install getty_ps. If you don't have it, get the latest version from metalab.unc.edu:/pub/Linux/system/serial. In particular, if you want to use high speeds (57600 and 115200 bps), you must get version 2.0.7j or later. You must also have libc 5.x or greater.

By default, getty_ps will be configured to be Linux FSSTND (File System Standard) compliant, which means that the binaries will be in /sbin, and the config files will be named /etc/conf.{uu}getty.ttySN. This is not apparent from the documentation! It will also expect lock files to go in /var/lock. Make sure you have the /var/lock directory.

If you don't want FSSTND compliance, binaries will go in /etc, config files will go in /etc/default/{uu}getty.ttySN, and lock files will go in /usr/spool/uucp. I recommend doing things this way if you are using UUCP, because UUCP will have problems if you move the lock files to where it isn't looking for them.

getty_ps can also use syslogd to log messages. See the man pages for syslogd(1) and syslog.conf(5) for setting up syslogd, if you don't have it running already. Messages are logged with priority LOG_AUTH, errors use LOG_ERR, and debugging uses LOG_DEBUG. If you don't want to use syslogd you can edit tune.h in the getty_ps source files to use a log file for messages instead, namely /var/adm/getty.log by default.

Decide on if you want FSSTND compliance and syslog capability. You can also choose a combination of the two. Edit the Makefile, tune.h and config.h to reflect your decisions. Then compile and install according to the instructions included with the package.

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