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Linux on the Road


   Linux on the Road:
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3.4. Laptop Installation Methods


There's More Than One Way To Do It - TMTOWTDI

         Larry Wall, Tom Christiansen & Randal L. Schwartz: Programming Perl, Sec. Ed. 1996 p. 10

From the Battery-Powered-HOWTO : "Installing and using Linux on a laptop is usually no problem at all, so go ahead and give it a try. Unlike some other operating systems, Linux still supports and runs well on even very old hardware, so you might give your outdated portable a new purpose in life by installing Linux on it."

One of the great benefits of Linux are its numerous and flexible installation features, which I don't want to describe in detail. Instead I try to focus on laptop specific methods , which are necessary only in certain circumstances.

Most current distributions support installation methods which are useful for laptops, including installation from CD-ROM, via PCMCIA and NFS (or maybe SMB). Please see the documents which are provided with these distributions for further details or take a look at the above mentioned manuals and HOWTOs.

3.4.1. From a Boot Floppy plus CD/DVD-ROM - The Traditional Way
3.4.2. From a CD/DVD-ROM - The Usual Way
3.4.3. From a DOS or Windows Partition on the same Machine
3.4.4. From a Second Machine With a Micro Linux On a Floppy
3.4.5. From a Second Machine With a 2.5" Hard Disk Adapter
3.4.6. From a PCMCIA Device
3.4.7. From a Parallel Port ZIP Drive
3.4.8. From a Parallel Port CD Drive (MicroSolutions BackPack)
3.4.9. From a Parallel Port Using a Second Machine
3.4.10. From a USB Storage Device (Stick, CD, DVD, Floppy)
3.4.11. Installing via Network Interface
3.4.12. Installing via VNC
3.4.13. Installing Linux on Small Machines
3.4.14. Installing Linux on Apple Macintosh PowerBooks and iBooks
3.4.15. Mass Installation

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