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12.18.6. APM and Resuming X Windows

Some machines have APM firmware that fails to save and restore display controller chip registers across a suspend. Earlier versions of the XFree86 X server did not restore the screen properly after resume, a problem which was addressed by Linux Laptops . However, contemporary versions of XFree86 mostly do the right thing.

Sometimes X and APM don't work smoothly together. The machine might even hang. A recommendation from Steve Rader: Some linux systems have their X11 server hang when doing apm -s . Folks with this affliction might want to switch to the console virtual terminal and then suspend chvt 1; apm -s as root, or, more appropiately sudo chvt 1; sudo apm -s . I have these commands in a script, say, my-suspend and then do xapmload --click-command my-suspend .

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