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Linux Plug And Play How-To

By The Linux Documentation Project

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David S.Lawyer mailto:dave@lafn.org

v1.14, February 2006
Explains resources used in Plug-and-Play (PnP) such as addresses, interrupts, etc. Covers both the PCI bus (inherently PnP) and PnP on the old ISA bus. If PnP did it's job right, you wouldn't need this howto. Otherwise, this will both explain PnP and help you detect and assign resources to hardware (low level configuring). It doesn't cover what's called "Universal Plug and Play" (UPnP).

1. Introduction
2. What PnP Should Do: Allocate "Bus-Resources"
3. Setting up a PnP BIOS
4. How to Deal with PnP Cards
5. Tell the Driver the Configuration ??
6. How Do I Find Devices and How Are They Configured?
7. PCI Interrupts
8. PnP for External and Plug-in Devices
9. Error Messages
10. Interrupt Sharing and Interrupt Conflicts
11. Appendix

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