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Google Chrome

Revolutionary Web Browser


What is revolutionary about Chrome? The first item would be speed. Like the Google search engine, Chrome has been designed for speed. This shows for example in the start-up time, which is several times shorter than that of Firefox.

Another interesting feature is the "incognito" mode, which allows you to surf the Internet without the browser tracking where you are going or what you are doing. That is, it won't save your browsing history.

Chrome tries to integrate the Internet with your PC by making it easy to add short-cuts to web sites to your desktop. Not surprisingly, web search is tightly integrated as well, so that you can alternatively enter a URL or a search phrase in the address field on the "Omnibar".

However you are not limited to using Google as search engine. By typing another common search tool, such as Yahoo or Live Search in front of your search phrase you are engaging that web service instead.

Another one of Chrome's novel features is "tab isolation". This means, if the web page in one particular tab causes trouble or crashes, it does not affect the other tabs. Furthermore, you can monitor CPU and memory usage of each tab and kill it if its requirements get out of hand.

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