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Linux Game: Eternal Lands

About.com Rating 4 Star Rating

By Andre Haas

Eternal Lands is a MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) in the likes of Runesape. While Runescape has old untextured 3D graphics, Eternal Lands has spectacular graphics. There are many players ready to meet you, just like many other MMORPGs, and everything is on the realistic side. This game is constantly being worked on, so don't walk away thinking this is just another old abandoned game. The game is completely free, unless you want to become one of the classes not included.


The game is interestingly realistic. As you start out with no equipment, and after killing your first rabbit, you can pick up one of its bones and use that as a weapon. Now that isn't something you can do in many games. The crafting is also realistic. To make a nice pair of gloves, just get some leather, thread, and a needle, and open up the manufacture window, and you instantly have a pair. There are not many weapons developed yet, but there are many creatures to fight. Often you will see realistic-looking deer, and sometimes even tiny little doll-like female human figures roaming around.

Graphics and Audio

The graphics are outstanding for a free game, with realistic water, animals, and terrain. They are one of the best factors of the game. The audio, on the other hand is hard to get working. They come separately, and even after successfully installing them, some areas in the Eternal Lands don't have any music. The music is pretty good though, fitting whenever they exist. The problem though, is that if you step into most buildings, the music stops and abrupt silence replaces it. The sound effects are unsatisfactory.

Special Feature

The best part of Eternal Lands is the food. No, I'm not telling you that this game has lots of candy in it. What I meant is that the food system feels real. If you don't feed your character every 15 minutes or so, he won't regenerate health. The higher your food stat is, the more you regenerate his health. If it is zero or negative, you won't be loosing health, but to start regenerating again, it'll take a lot more food, because you'll have to get it back to positive again. Of course, there is a limit to how low and how high your food stat can be.

Bottom Line

I would recommend this game to fans of Runescape or other MMORPGs. At least visit their website. It is a fun, realistic game with good graphics, tons of people to meet, and stats (e.g., strength, dexterity) to train. If you ever actually download the game, I would highly recommend downloading the music, unless you are a "silent gamer".
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