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Linux Game: Fancy Pants Adventures

About.com Rating 4 Star Rating

By Andre Haas

Fancy Pants Adventures is a 2D platformer with some very cool features. The player controls a cute little stick figure with baggy pants. In a sort of fantasy world, it runs around, stomp on spiders, and collect weird shell-like items. This game is very unique with many features and secrets. There are a variety of hidden passages, as well as sever doors that lead to other rooms.


The gameplay is very original. You control a stick figure, which seems to have had special training in running. Watch him run and you will be amazed by how fast he accelerates. If he is going downhill, you can expect an army of spiders waiting to sting him as you he hits them. So, there is a hand key for jumping, which allows you to actually use these creatures as a one-time trampoline. Also the terrain in this game is specially designed for your speed. Often, the ground curves up, and then vertical, and then into a ceiling. If you are at a good speed, you can run right up these, and go upside down for a short period. When the ceiling ends, or when your initial energy runs out, you start falling off, and you character quickly performs a flip to land. Obviously you will still be traveling pretty fast, so you can take advantage of the momentum by continuing the run. Only now you need to quickly switch directions in order to maintain the speed. (Going upside down means you have to press the key opposite to the way your traveling.)

Graphics and Audio

This game is not extremely good in looks. The graphics are mouse-drawn, and are very unique. Nothing spectacular except the bit taste of fantasy through their lines, shapes, colors and shades. The audio is good with some nice fitting music and all the jumping, landing and bouncing sound effects you need.

Special Feature

The cool part of this game is the realistically accurate physics. For example, you can perform a flip if you jump backwards. If you suddenly stop you have to skid a bit first. Also, if you perform a flip and land either too late or too early, and land on your head, you loose a bit of health! The feel of the game is a lot like skateboard riding. If you hit a ramp, you can actually fly for a bit. There are numerous parts on the map where the ground gradually tilts into an almost vertical position. Once you reach the top, you will fly a big distance.

Bottom Line

Because of the originality of this game, I can't think of a specific crowd of gamers to whom I should recommend it. Give it a try and see how you like it.
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