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Linux Game: Four Second Fury

About.com Rating 3.5 Star Rating

By Andre Haas

Four Second Fury actually is a group of short games, each of which can be played within four seconds. This game requires some fast reflexes, as well as some good intelligence. It should probably be categorized as an arcade game, because of its extremely fast pace and because many of the games in the set are arcade styled.


The gameplay is fairly simple. Using the arrow keys and the space bar, you have to steer through a bunch of different four-second-long games. Every time you loose a game, you loose a life, and the number of lives you get depends on the game mode you have selected. While playing, you must learn the rules of each game very fast, because of the extremely limited time. There are too many different games to explain in this review, but I can at least say that the variety is tremendous. At the beginning of each short game, the simple rules are shown quickly, and you should only read them if you have to, again because of the time restriction. Examples of the games are steering a hero around a dragon, collecting treasures, and using the arrow keys and space bar to help a kid cross a lava stream. These games are made by different developers. That explains the variety of gameplays and styles.

Graphics and Audio

The graphics vary greatly, due to the number of creators. In general, they aren't very great. The audio is okay, with some basic, satisfactory music, and occasional clapping effects if you win many times in a row.

Special Feature

The coolest part of Four Second Frenzy is the variety of levels. In one, you run away from a big smashing machine. If it smashes you, you loose a life. Many games require quick reflexes. And you must be able to read the instructions at the blink of an eye. There is one game, for example, the instructions say that you must not press any buttons. Often however, I zealously pressed down on arrow keys before I even knew what the next game was and what its instructions would be like. As a result, I failed. There are several very difficult games in this collection. For example, these is a game that requires you to quickly press the buttons that flash up on the screen. You have to press four buttons. Because there are only four seconds, you only have one second per instruction. Unfortunately, I found that my reflexes were not fast enough for this particular game.

Bottom Line

Four Second Fury offers diversity and fun. It’s not an idle time killer. You will like it if you are interested in fast-paced arcade games. You will fail if you do not think and/or move fast enough. These games are challenging.
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