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Linux Game: Frozen Bubble

About.com Rating 3.5 Star Rating

By Andre Haas

Frozen Bubble is a fun arcade game. It lets you control a cannon and fire “frozen bubbles” to the ceiling. When 3 bubbles of the same color are touching, they fall down. Its a great starter game and comes with many distributions, because of its relatively small filesize.


The gameplay is very simple. You control a penguin, through which you try to aim a common. You can aim up at the ceiling and shoot out the balls, trying to get color groups of three. You can play alone or with a friend on a split screen. You may be amused seeing your friend get frustrated because he keeps missing that big row of yellow balls, which is supporting another two incomplete rows. Every once in a while, another row pushes down. If the whole ball structure touches you, you loose. You may know many other games with the same basic rules. There is also an easy to use level editor included in the game.

Graphics and Audio

The graphics are good. Everything is shiny and very detailed, to just a desired degree. The audio is also great. It includes background music for most distributions and sound effects. There are three professionally made tracks for your listening pleasure.

Special Feature

The music is most awesome part of Frozen Bubble. It has relaxing music, with great drum effects and relaxing tones. The introduction movie on the game site is cute.

Bottom Line

You should definitely try this game if you are into arcade games. It has great music and graphics, and easy gameplay. Make your own levels, and play them with friends. Great time-killer. And it is free.
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