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Linux Game: GL-117

About.com Rating 4.5 Star Rating

By Andre Haas

In this free game, you will be entering the Eagle Squadron, fighting enemies in a multitude of missions! Don't have a very good computer? No problem. Come with the game are five preset graphic levels able to suit all computers! With great sound effects, joystick support, and impressive 3D graphics, it makes darn hard for anyone to get bored playing it.


The gameplay is very fun, with you flying through a missions following an enemy plane as rain battering down on your plane and lightning blasting all over the ground, or soar through a valley in bright daylight. If flipping in the air and launching a rapid barrage of missiles at enemies sounds familiar to you, you may be stunned by how original it feels when you actually play this game.

Graphics and Audio

The landscape is filled with trees, valleys, rivers, and many other interesting details. Lightning strikes and rockets are completely 3D. The audio is pretty good -- nothing outstanding, but good nonetheless.

Special Feature

The part I am impressed at is the way the landscapes are made. There will be deserts and mountains, all well made. Even at lower quality levels, they will be amazingly realistic, with everything from sand, cacti, and trees.

Bottom Line

This game should definitely be tried by fans of other pilot games, or just think this may be interesting. Have dogfights with other planes, fly low over deserts, and watch in awe as lightning strikes a mere 50 yards from your jet. With these great graphics and game play values, who can't resist at least peeking at the website?
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