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Linux Game: Glest

About.com Rating 3.5 Star Rating

By Andre Haas

Glest is an RTS with very good 3D graphics. You can be in one of two teams, mage or human. The graphical details look real for each team. With detailed shadows and effects, the units look great. But because there are not a lot of maps, it gets boring fast. The game is not completely developed, and it doesn’t look like that many people are working on it either.


The gameplay is similar to many other RTSs. You build a “town center” type building, collect resources, and build war units. In Glest, the two teams you have are humans and mages. Humans include soldiers and archers. The mages have a small variety of different wizards and witches, as well as a big tree golem with extremely slow movement. There are different types of buildings, but nothing else. No walls, no arrow-spraying castles. There are barely any maps so the game quickly turns to a boring one.

Graphics and Audio

The graphics are very good, everything 3D and nicely textured. If this game got further developed, it could become something great. The audio is satisfactory, with sound effects and interesting music. I really hope Glest gets more worked on, so that we can see more wonderful graphics.

Special Feature

The best part of Glest is, as I said, the graphics. They are very detailed, with nice-looking 3D trees, rocks, buildings, and everything else. Every once in a while you will see a couple of dead soldiers with giant sticks going through their torsos, keeping them in the air. Some of the other great touches include the water and the unit movement.

Bottom Line

Glest is a game that would be an interesting try for all RTS lovers. If you can get the developers to continue working on this, I would be thankful. The graphics, as they are, may impress you. The audio music is also decent. The gameplay is just a few steps away from becoming fully developed.
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