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Linux Game: Globulation 2

About.com Rating 4 Star Rating

By Andre Haas

Globulation 2 is an RTS (real-time strategy) game that has many original ideas. Unlike other RTS games, Globulation 2 allows the player absolutely no direct control over his units (aka. “globs”). The units manage themselves. For example, when a glob assumes the management of a building, it will collect resources when resources are needed for that building. No “micromanagement” necessary. Not having to move every single unit from Point A to Point B makes playing the game much easier.


The game is fun. It is easy to manage your civilization. When you put the foundation of any building on the map, an idle glob will instantly come and start building it. The globs require food, unlike many other RTS games. However, player needs not to worry, as they will get the food themselves. You can ensure food supply by having an inn built. The two or three globs who build the inn will collect grain, and store it in the inn, where other globs will periodically come to eat. If the globs don't eat for a long time, their food bar lower to zero, and their health starts to drain. Once this happens, they can no longer work. Also, your “town center” will be called a “hive”, where many globs will be working. They collect resources, bring it back to the hive, and the hive periodically creates new units. You can select to produce more one kind of units and less another kind. There are three types of globs: workers, scouts, and warriors.

Graphics and Audio

The graphics of Globulation 2 are very original. They are 2D, and the globs are these strangel X shaped figures that roll around. The workers are skinny. The warriors are big and tough-looking. Scouts look a lot like blue bees. The resources all look very strange for an RTS. They are more like those you typically find a fantasy game. The audio has a wide range of sound effects. The music becomes repetitive soon. When in peace, you will have this calm music with some strange tunes in it. Whene in war, a type of light rock plays. It is all very fitting for this game, even though quite a bit repetitive.

Special Feature

I think the "swimming" ability of glob workers is very interesting. In Globulation 2, several different training courses for your workers are available. You can create a training course for the workers to take when they have spare time, so that they can gain a new skill (e.g., moving faster). While attending a training course, the workers become invisible. But you can monitor how far along they are in the training by selecting the course. You will see a horizontal bar, with many small vertical bars on it. When globs enter, they start on the left side, and slowly they move to the right side. Once they touch the right side, the bar disappears and the newly improved globs pop out. There is one training course, in which the workers learn to swim in a pool. After graduation, the workers will be able to go through water, and land on an enemies’ shore, where they can quickly build a new hive, bring resources to it, and have 100 percent warrior production. There is also another resource available in the water, known as seaweed.

Bottom Line

If you are a fan of RTS games, this free game would be worth a try. It is very original and all around satisfying. With no units to micro-manage and no commanding armies of warriors, it’s a breeze. The advanced AI of the units is impressive.
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